1. Brush out your remy hair extensions or hair wigs gently before washing. Use a soft-bristled brush to remove any tangles.

2. Shampoo your remy hair extensions. Sweat and dirt cause tangles, so you should wash your hair wigs regularly. Slowly wet your hair while taking a shower. Use a mild shampoo and lather your hair in a downward motion.

3. Wash your human hair wigs with a synthetic hair cleanser or mild detergent. Gently place your wig in a tub filled with cool water and allow the wig to soak for five to ten minutes. Rinse the wig with cool water when finished. Allow your wig to air dry by placing on a mannequin head so it will dry in its natural shape. Do not brush your wig when it is wet.

4. Brush your remy hair extensions or lace wigs gently after washing. Using a soft-bristled brush or a wide-tooth comb, brush your hair two to three times a day to prevent tangles.

5. Spray the hair with a leave-in conditioner daily to help prevent tangles. You can also use a de-tangling product or silicon spray to help your remy hair extensions and human hair lace wigs stay tangle-free.

6. Tie your hair extension up when sleeping or exercising to prevent tangles. Wear a swimming cap when swimming. If you have a wig, you should remove it when sleeping, exercising or swimming when possible.

7. Avoid heat, such as curling irons or hair dryers. Heat can be very damaging to certain synthetic hair pieces. Heat, in general, causes hair to tangle and creates split ends. Do not blow dry your hair wigs and use heat sparingly on remy hair extensions.