Let’s talk about some points you should keep in mind when taking care of your straight hair extensions weekly as well as daily. It is helpful to care for any texture hair. If you hope to keep your straight hair extensions in good condition, these steps will not only make your hair last long, but also will keep it healthy and strong.

Weekly Care for Your Straight Hair Extensions

Your hair extensions need to be shampooed and deep cared at least once a week. While washing your straight hair extensions, you’d better not rub the hair against itself as you do not expect any hair breakage. What’s more, you should wash your hair in a downward motion.

After your shampoo is done, dry your hair slowly using a towel, better making it air dry naturally. As a blow dryer will suck out the moisture of your hair, you should avoid using a hair dryer. When your hair is air drying, you have the option of spraying your hair with a deep conditioner hair spray to add to its silkiness and shiny look.

Next, comb your hair with a wide tooth comb gently. Divide your hair into different sections, gently combing each section until you reach your scalp. Be careful near the attachment even though it is really secure. Again, be sure to air dry your hair because heat will only shorten the life span of your hair extensions. If you do have to use a hair dryer when you are in a hurry, make sure you have used a deep conditioner to act as a sealant against the heat.

Daily Care for Your Straight Hair Extensions

In the same way you separate your hair into different sections and brush it from the bottom to the top, do this daily when styling your hair. A bristle brush is not recommended, but rather a brush that is designed especially for hair extensions such as a loop brush will work perfectly for your straight hair extensions.

Focus on products that are alcohol free and also, only use them in moderation. Example of such products include hair gels, hair spray, and mouse. Also, do not use oily or greasy products because it will weigh down your hair and cause tangling. Instead, a simple small dab of olive oil for shine will suffice.
Before you get your beauty sleep, braid, pin curl, or roller set your hair to set it up for bed time. To protect your hair, sleep with a satin cap or satin covered pillow. The goal to is keep your hair extensions healthy, clean, shiny, and beautiful.

We hope some of these care techniques for your straight hair extensions helped you better understand how to care for your hair. Believe it or not, each different hair texture is different and must be treated and cared for differently.